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Music as Art, Theater, or Entertainment

"Music is a language." - Victor Wooten"Music is a listening art." - David Burge
I saw the tv show "Glee" for the first time over Memorial Day weekend at a cousin's place. So many people are fans of the show and I wonder what makes it so popular, even after watching finally watching it. I also wonder why American Idol is so popular, even after so many years. Being a musician, I don't consider either show having the best quality music, but I also realize high quality music isn't the point of the shows.
As a musician, I believe music is an art form worthy of lifelong study. I like the quotes above very much because I think music is a means of expression, just like a language is. And music is more about listening than it is about making sounds. Musicians just have a more highly developed sense of listening.
With American Idol, Glee, and the rise of show choirs lately, it seems to me that music as art is in decline when it comes to the general p…