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Sandboxing - The Future of Internet Security?

Being a computer geek and the default tech support for some of my family and friends, I have had to deal with computer security at the consumer user level. Sure, there´s the usual anti-virus and anti-spyware software installation on every Windows machine I run into, but this isn´t a full-proof way to ensure viruses, spyware, malware, and other don´t make it on a computer. As Leo Laporte says, the user´s behavior is the most important barrier to blocking bad guys from getting into a system. No matter how good anti-anything software is, it can´t stop a gullible user from clicking a false link on a website that downloads malware to said user´s computer. People need to monitor their behavior.

So, what to do when users just won´t change their behavior? How would you handle the computer of someone who just doesn´t care about keeping their computer secure? The solution I have been using lately is the one that I use myself: sandboxing. Check out the short wikipediahere: http://en.wikipe…