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The Catholic Position and George W. Bush Jr.

I recently received a comment on my post "Dance with the Devil." I had to reject the comment because the person tried to bring up the subject of George W. Bush Jr. and how he wasn't really pro-life, abortion went up during his presidency, he approved torture, Pope John Paul II condemned the Iraqi war, etc., etc. It's all the stereotypical objections I hear from Obama's supporters. Even though my post had nothing to do with Bush, this person couldn't help but take the opportunity to condemn the Bush administration.
However, I would still like to post a reply to his comments because he listed sound bytes as if they were facts. It's easy to take sound bytes as facts if they're listed very quickly in succession. So I'd like to respond to each criticism objectively with the facts:
He approved torture I take it this is a reference to waterboarding. Unfortunately, the definition has been expanded to include "extended interrogation techniques.&quo…

The Worst of the Best Years So Far . . .

As 2009 comes to an end, I think back on the year and a lyric from the Jonathan Coulton song "You Ruined Everything" comes to mind: "The worse of the best behind us." That's exactly how I feel about 2009, in a nutshell. 2009 has by far been the best year of my life so far and I can already see life will only get better from here.
To summarize my year, here are 2 lists (and 1 bonus list), one consisting of the bad events and one consisting of the good events in my life (for the record, since everything on the internet will be around indefinitely):
The Bad -Laid off from my job at Design Collaborative
The Good -Bought a house and moved in with the love of my life -Inherited a sweetheart of a dog -Found out Sophia was pregnant -Found Sophia a great car -Took and passed the Indiana professional engineering licensing test -Had my first real photography gigs
The Awesome -Celebrated 1 year of marriage with Sophia -Welcomed Cecilia Rose into the world