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Wow, yet another year gone, and I only had 1 blog post in 2011!  I promise I'll post more in the coming year (I don't believe in New Years resolution, so that's probably as close as I'll get to one).  Like last year, I wasn't sure how many things actually happened this year because it was such a blur, but here they are as best as I can remember at the moment:

The Bad
The father of close family friends passed away.  I've known the family for most of my life and losing him was like losing an uncle.  May the soul of Francisco Buenconsejo rest in peace.Needed laser retina surgery AGAIN because I had a torn retina for the 3rd timeThe Good
Photographed 1 wedding (better than none!)Attended my cousin's weddingGot more house projects doneWorked on reviving the Filipino American SocietyThe Awesome
Celebrated 3 years of marriage with SophiaFound out Sophia was pregnant with our 2nd, and the baby will be a boy!Celebrated Cecilia's 2nd birthdayWatching Cecilia develop …