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FHR Finally on the Web!

I've been working on a website for the Lifeteen band I play bass in and I think it is finally ready to start advertising, so without further ado, go check out the official website of Frankie and the Holy Rollers!

From Safari to Firefox, to Safari, and Back to Firefox

I love Firefox and I had started using Firefox 2 last year after reading how good it was in a computer magazine. I switched over from Safari on my Mac and love the customization options of Firefox. My favorite add-on is the Foxmarks bookmark syncronizer, which lets me have the same bookmarks on all the computers I use at home and at work.

But, I had the same complaints as others: Firefox 2 was a slow program and a RAM hog. So when Apple released Safari 2, I tried it out and was happy with how fast it was. Safari has RAM hogging issues too, but the speed was worth it. However, Safari also has this annoying habit of freezing my computers for several seconds for no good reason. And of course, Safari is not customizable as much as Firefox is.

Now I'm back to using Firefox, specifically version 3. I went ahead and downloaded it on "download day" (after many, many tries) and installed it on both my work computer and Macbook Pro at home. I'm happy to say that it is ju…

Obama and McCain: Where Do They Stand on Catholic Issues?

Now that history has been made and Obama is the first African American presidential candidate (Hilary resigning from the race is merely a formality), I felt compelled to write about who will likely be the two main candidates for presiden: BarackObama and John McCain. And I would like to present each candidate's position as they relate to the most important issues for Catholics.
What compelled me to write this post is the fact that I know of quite a few Catholics who will be voting for Obama or Hilary (when she was still in the running). This really made me think, because the Democratic party does not hold many of the same beliefs as the Catholic Church. This is especially true for the main issues that Catholics should be concerned about. For a great explanation of the top issues for Catholics, please see the Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics which can be found at the Priests for Life website.
Why are there Catholics who won't be voting like Catholics? Does the separa…