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How the Toyota Acceleration Problems Prove NFP is Not the Same as Contraception

If you go onto YouTube and search for Fr. Euteneuer/Sean Hannity, you'll see a very heated "discussion" where a cultural Catholic (Hannity) criticizes the believes of an orthodox Catholic (Fr. Euteneuer). The main issue of disagreement was contraception. The Catholic Church teaches contraception in all its forms is wrong and approves natural family planning (NFP) for birth regulation. Hannity doesn't agree with the Church as says that contraception is necessary for people how aren't Catholic because it's better than having abortions. Hannity also claims NFP and contraception are the same thing.
They aren't. But, unfortunately, most people still think they are, even Catholics. So I was thinking about a good analogy to explain the difference and I realized a good one relates to the recent acceleration problems with Toyota brand cars. Here's how the analogy works:
Let's imagine the forward acceleration of a car as intercourse. The inadvertent a…