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Free Photo and Video Software Suggestions for Windowz

I love photo and video editing on my Mac. For photography, iPhoto is a wonderful application I use for casual photos and Aperture 3 is what I use for my serious, professional quality photography. For video, iMovie is easy to use and can give great results.
But we also have a netbook in the house (AsusEeePC) which runs Windows XP and it gets a lot more use than the Mac does. Between my wife's iPod Touch and the EeePC, she doesn't even use the Mac anymore. She also takes a bunch of photos and videos with her Canon Powershot SD1000. So, to me, it makes a lot of sense to dedicate the EeePC to my wife's photos and videos. It has a fairly big 160GB hard drive and has a decent screen. The question that comes up is: What software can I use on this low powered netbook for editing Sophia's photos and video? More specifically, is there free software out there that can come close to doing the same job as iPhoto and iMovie do on the Mac?
I'm happy to say that I've fou…

Opinion: The Real Issue is Gov't Control

I don't know if you've noticed, but the issues of healthcare, the economy, etc. lately are being argued on two totally different planes on both sides. The liberal Democrats (president Obama is one, of course) are saying that anyone who opposes healthcare reform, economic stimulus, etc., etc. doesn't want what's best for the country. But they're completely missing the point of the conservative's argument. No one is arguing against improving healthcare, economic growth, etc. This may be obvious to most of you, but it doesn't seem to be obvious to the liberal Dems (and ergo their supporters): most people aren't in favor of more government control.

I, for one, am all for healthcare reform. I just don't want the government taking control of healthcare. I'm also for economic growth. I just don't think government handouts will improve the economy. And you know what? I personally believe most people are of the same mind set. Scott Brown won…