Fun with Light Fixtures Part 1

One of the things that makes my job very enjoyable is lighting design. Yes, I'm an electrical engineer and I like dealing with voltage, current, and power, but my job also requires me to be a lighting designer. Lighting, after all, runs on electricity and in fact our entire electrical system was originally invented by Edison so everyone could have light (Tesla later came up with a better system that we now use, but that's another subject).

I deal with mostly commercial grade lights that meet certain photometric needs (light color, distribution, brightness) and aesthetic needs (I work with architects after all). There are a lot of cool light fixtures out there, but there are also a bunch of wacky, weird, and just plain ugly light fixtures. This is the first part in what I hope will be an ongoing series of the most unique light fixtures I have seen.

First, here is an octopus chandelier:

The sea shells sure add to the look, don't they? This fixture is made by Adam Wallacavage.

Next up, we have some bucket lights:

This is truly what recycling is all about. I especially like the fact that they kept the handles too, I mean, why waste them? This fixture is sold by Baselite.


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