Dance with the Devil

I just watched both Fr. Jenkins and President Obama's speeches at the Notre Dame University commencement. I'm not surprised by anything Obama said, who basically advocated "dialogue" by forgetting about our differences, which include our religious beliefs. He addressed the abortion issue by basically sidestepping the moral question and appealing to people's emotions, which the audience ate up. It's no suprise that Obama won't lift a finger to stop abortion (and no, reducing abortion is not the same thing as making it illegal).

What really disturbed my was Fr. Jenkin's stance. I knew he was a lightweight when it came to standing ground for Catholic teachings, which include the Magisterium and the USCCB, but what he said in his speech basically amounts to "dancing with the devil." Fr. Jenkins really believed that having Obama come over would help open up the president's heart to the Catholic position. This is all well and good, but where does this "dialogue" necessitate that Obama recieve an honorary law degree? It seems that Fr. Jenkins thinks he can change Obama's heart through pure "dialogue." But has Fr. Jenkins forgotten that, as Catholics, we are to preach the Truth to the darkness? Has he forgotten how insidious Satan can be? Does Fr. Jenkins think so much of himself as to ignore the Magisterium and the USCCB because he thinks he can do what the Pope can't and change Obama's heart?

I hope Fr. Jenkins someday realizes how naive this approach is. He is playing right into the hands of pro-abortionists like Obama in continuing the "dialogue" with the result of more pro-abortion laws. Words mean nothing, only actions, and the only actions Fr. Jenkins and President Obama have shown are in the direction of approving pro-abortion views. When you dance with the devil, you can't change him, he only changes you.


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