Get Angry!

There seems to be a big epidemic out there right now that people are really concerned about. The news did reports on people who suffered from this disease. It was spreading wildly and there were rallies against the disease saying it must be stopped. What's this disease I'm writing about? Anger.

If that first paragraph seemed like hyperbole, it was. I don't think all the anger out there is a big deal, but for some reason people seem to be really concerned about it. I have even been accused of being an angry, paranoid right wing nut. That's fine, but anger happens for various reasons and I feel the news media and people who don't like the angry reactions expect us all to be more Vulcan (logical with no emotions) than human. I happen to believe we should be more human than Vulcan.

The best way I can illustrate how anger isn't all bad is to relate to you my experiences in customer service. I've never worked in a customer service position per se, but working at an embroidery shop and as an engineer at an architecture firm, I have plenty of experience dealing with customers and clients. And yes, I've dealt with some who got angry. Here are my observations about why anger happens:

-The most obvious reason customers get angry is because they don't get what they ordered, or they don't get it on time. I've had to rush orders when deadlines were missed. I've also had to redo orders when we made mistakes on an order. The customers have a right to be angry and when we were truly upfront and honest about our mistakes, their anger was curtailed most of the time. The government has not been upfront or honest with their mistakes as of late and the improvement to the economy they promised is way overdue. Sounds like a business that has messed up, doesn't it?

-Another reason customers tend to get angry is when they feel they are not being heard. I've had to correct orders when one person who took the order didn't communicate all the information to anyone else, hence the customer felt we didn't listen to their requests. Recent polls have shown most people feel the government no longer listens to them. Sound familiar.

-Lastly, some customers are just naturally angry people and can't be appeased. This rarely happens and is by no means the norm, but these people are out there. The best thing to do is just be patient with them and try to meet their requests as much as possible. I wish the government would at least try to appease people's anger instead of saying they're too angry and ignoring them.

If the government acted more like a responsible business, then maybe fewer people would be angry at them. People have a right to their anger, especially when they feel their government isn't doing the job they were created for: serving the people. Now, I must say that it's not right for angry people to take out their anger on just anyone. We should all be civil and be able to debate and discuss without yelling. But in the end, anger is just a symptom of something deeper and it only manifests when no other means of communication seems to work. There's no clearer way of communicating dissatisfaction than anger and it seems that's the only way to get the government's attention nowadays. Hopefully this will now change with the government now more balanced.


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