Goodbye 2010!

Last year, I did a "The Bad, the Good" type list for the year, so I thought I'd do it again this year. I wasn't quite sure how many things actually happened this year because it was such a blur, but Sophia and I were talking and there were indeed a lot of things that happened. So here they are as best as I can remember at the moment (had a little wine to ring in the New Year):

The Bad
  • Had to replace the Element's windshield 2 times
  • Needed laser retina surgery because I had a detached retina for the 2nd time
The Good
  • Got a job!
  • Photographed 3 weddings
  • Got lots of house projects done
  • Elected president of the Filipino American Society
The Awesome
  • Celebrated 2 years of marriage with Sophia
  • Celebrated Cecilia's 1st birthday
  • Watching Cecilia develop: going from being non-mobile to walking, babbling more and more, starting to eat solid foods, etc., etc.


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